Saffire Grill Co. is a family owned and operated company with over 30 years’ experience in the Barbecue industry. Saffire Grill Co. has been a leader in the kamado industry for 7 years with the highest quality components and many unique and innovative features.

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Unique Features

From the introduction of our first kamado Saffire has set the standard for quality with unique designs and extra high quality components. Set the standard and others will follow. When you see this symbol you know that the featured item is either totally Unique to Saffire, or that it has unique qualities first introduced by Saffire for Kamado grills.

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Extra Heavy Duty Hardware:

Saffire uses the biggest, thickest metal on our hinge, bands, cart and hardware throughout the grill. This provides strength, stability and longevity. Platinum Series uses the finest 304 stainless steel while the Bronze series uses powder coated galvanized steel.