Ciao Bella! Patio is a proud dealer for Solair Shade Solutions. A Solair awning will transform your overheated deck or patio into the outdoor space you’ve always wanted. One that’s cool, elegant and shaded by beautiful fabric. A perfect atmosphere for entertaining, spending time with family or just chilling out. Why Solair...?

It's Cool... A Solair retractable awning will cool your deck or patio by up to 20 degrees. For additional comfort, specially woven Sunbrella fabrics are used that allow air to circulate freely instead of building up under the awning. These awnings can also be equipped with a wind sensor for the windier locations. They will automatically retract when the wind gets to a certain speed, saving you from costly repairs.

It Looks Fantastic... When extended, a Solair awning will make your outdoor space sing with stylish Sunbrella fabric and a graceful frame design. When retracted, the awning’s sleek profile will blend in perfectly with your home’s architecture.

Expand Your Living Space...

 Solair Shade Solutions create a cool, comfortable outdoor living area that you can use any time of the day. You’ll have more usable space for entertaining, hanging out with family and friends, or just relaxing with a cool drink. It’s like adding a whole new room onto your house.

Made with Sunbrella Fabric... Solair awnings are made exclusively with beautiful Sunbrella fabrics. The most trusted, most used brand of outdoor fabrics on the market. They’re fade resistant, extremely durable and come with a 10-year warranty. Plus, there are hundreds of stunning designs that you can choose from to bring your outdoor living area to life. Sunbrella awning fabrics have earned the “Seal of Recommendation” by the Skin Cancer Foundation. So you can rest assured knowing that your new outdoor haven will be a safe one for you and your family.