Add style and distinction to any room or space with a fireplace that is ventless, high quality, safe and eco-friendly, at a price within reach of everyone.  

The high style and distinctive contemporary design of the ANYWHERE FIREPLACE allows the ambiance of a fire to be enjoyed in any room. It is ventless, requiring no chimney or gas line because it uses clean burning bio fuel that is smokeless, odorless, and leaves no soot or ash.


Why Choose Anywhere Fireplace?

  • Tempered Glass
  • Powder coated and Stainless steel
  • Burns Clean – Ventless
  • Needs no chimney, no gas or electrical hook-up
  • Bio Ethanol Fuel
  • Real fire, Real heat
  • Burns smokeless, odorless, non-toxic,
  •  Non-polluting, no soot or ash to clean up